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Gay Saunas in Sao Paulo

by jay on May 31, 2010

Two of the most popular Sao Paulo gay saunas include Termas for Friends and Thermas Lagoa.

Termas for Friends is recommended because it officially prohibits “gay-for-pay” services which are a common feature normally offered by “rent boys” in most other saunas across Brazil. This sauna is big, clean and has a relaxing ambience both inside and in the beautiful garden outside.

Thermas Lagoa is one of the best known saunas in Sao Paulo, which offers quality service to a diverse crowd of bathers. In addition to the normal sauna services, Thermas Lagoa also promotes a range of special events throughout the week, including Feijoada Parties, Drag Queen shows and hot boys strip contests.

Check their websites before you go for the happenings during the Sao Paulo Gay Pride weekend, addresses, subway access and times.

Termas Lagoa

Termas for Friends

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