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Making gay friends in Brazil before you go

by jay on May 7, 2010

Gay Beach in Rio de Janeiro: Farme.

Gay Beach in Rio de Janeiro: Farme.

As you plan your trip to the 2010 Gay Pride Parade in Sao Paulo this year – and a possible visit to Rio de Janeiro – you might want to make friends before you get there, especially if traveling alone. You should find plenty of warm and friendly gay Brazilians to hang out with while you are there, so there is no need to worry about being alone. Whether you are interested in dating or simply hoping to meet friends, the internet is always a good place to begin your search.

An online gay forum is ideal as you may join in on a discussion on the Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade. If you’re lucky, you could find other gays locally who are also attending the event, such that you can become travel companions and even make lifelong friendships in the process.

Here is a list of some gay online networks popular in Brazil. You will be surprise on the big number of Brazilian gay men who are able to communicate in a good well written English. Español is also fairly understood among gays in Brazil, due to its similarity to Portuguese.

1 – Disponivel.com : the favorite sites for Brazilians gay and pretty much representing what Manhunt is overseas. The site has a version in English as well.

2 – Gay.com – Yes, the same famous Gay.com website hosts rooms for both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro gay communities.  Easy to access and widely known in Brazil.

3 – Uol.com.br – One is one of the largest internet portals in Brazil and a pioneer too. Here you will find dozens of chat rooms dedicated to gay, lesbian and the likes – under a section named “Bate-Papo” which means “chat”  in Portuguese.  While you must find no problems to meet English speaking guys, all of them will understand Español.

If none of these chatting options work for you, we just hope you can come, have a lot of fun and communicate with the language Brazilians master the most: body language!  Have you experienced it yet?

Have fun at the Gay Pride Parade in Brazil.

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