Gay Pride Sao Paulo History

The Sao Paulo Gay Pride celebrates over 18 years of remarkable success.


The Sao Paulo Brazil Gay Pride Parade (Parada do Orgulho Gay de Sao Paulo, Brasil) and its associated events are organized by the APOGLBT – Associacao da Parada do Orgulho de Gays, Lesbicas, Bissexuais e Travestis e Transexuais since its foundation in 1999.

For the upcoming 2014 Parade, to be held on Sunday May 04 at the same Avenida Paulista, the theme should again be related to the political debate on gay rights and citizenship, in an year where the gay community is trying to consolidate its many victories on marriage and same-sex rights in Brazil. The theme can also be centered on Homophobia where the gay communities are searching for a more just law for those who practice any form of violence based on sexual orientation.

A non-profit organization, the APOGLBT’s mission is to fight for a more just and inclusive society, which recognizes equal rights for all. The association has served to promote citizenship and self-esteem of LGBT by conducting and encouraging activities of all kinds.

The almost 18 years of success reflect the seriousness of the organization with its principles and goals.

The Month of LGBT Pride in Sao Paulo was born from the experience of organizing parades and has added more activities with the years such as The Cycle of Debates, the LGBT Cultural Fair, the Citizenship Award in Respect of Diversity, and the successful Gay Day, that happens on the Saturday before the main parade.

History of LGBT Parades in Sao Paulo

1st Parade – June 28, 1997
"We are many and we are in all professions.”
(Somos muitos, estamos em todas as profissões.)
2,000 people.

2nd Parade – June 28, 1998
"The rights of gays, lesbians and transvestites are human rights.”
(Os direitos de gays, lésbicas e travestis sao direitos humanos.)
7,000 people

3rd Parade – June 27, 1999
"Gay Pride in Brazil, towards the year 2000.”
(Orgulho gay no Brasil, rumo ao ano 2000.)
35,000 people

4th Parade – June 25, 2000
“Celebrating the pride of living diversity.”
(Celebrando o orgulho de viver a diversidade.)
120,000 people

5th Parade – June 17, 2001
"Embracing Diversity.”
(Abraçando a diversidade.)  
250,000 people

6th Parade – June 2, 2002
"Educating for Diversity.”
(Educating for diversity.)
500,000 people

7th Parade – June 22, 2003
"Building homosexual policies.”
(Construindo Políticas Homossexuais.)
1 million people

8th Parade – June 13, 2004
"We have family and pride.”
(Temos Família e Orgulho.)
1.8 million people

9th Parade – May 29, 2005
"Civil union, now! Equal rights: neither more nor less.”
(Parceria civil, já. Direitos iguais! Nem mais nem menos.)
2.5 million people

10th Parade – June 17, 2006
"Homophobia is a crime! Sexual rights are human rights.”
(Homofobia é crime! Direitos sexuais sao direitos humanos.)
3 million people

11th Parade – June 10, 2007
"In a world without sexism, racism and homophobia!”
(Por um mundo sem machismo, racismo e homofobia!)
3.5 million people

12th Parade – May 28, 2008
"Homophobia kills! For a true secular state!”
(Homofobia mata! Por um Estado laico de fato!)
3.4 million people.

13th Parade – June 14, 2009
"Without Homophobia, More Citizenship!”
(Sem Homofobia. Mais Cidadania!)
3.1 million people.

14th Parade – June 6, 2010
"Vote against Homophobia: Defend Citizenship!”
(Vote contra a homofobia: defenda a cidadania!)
3.3 million people.

15th Parade – June 6, 2011
"Love one Another. Enough with Homophobia."
(Amai-vos uns aos outros: basta de homofobia.)
4.1 million people.

16th Parade – June 10, 2012
"Homophobia has a cure: Education and criminalization"
(Homofobia tem cura: Educação e criminalização.)

17th Parade – June 02, 2013
Back to the closet, never again! Union and awareness in the fight against homophobia.
(Para o armário, nunca mais! União e conscientização na luta contra homofobia.)

18th Parade – May 04, 2014
A winner country in one without homophobia, lesbophobia and transphobia - for the approval of a law for gender identity.
(País vencedor é país sem homolesbotransfobia. Pela aprovação da lei de identidade de gêneros.)

sao paulo gay pride about the APOGLBT

About the APOGLBT

The board of the Association is composed of elected volunteers, with a term of two years. The current team, in office since January 2008, is composed of:


The Association of GLBT Pride Parade in Sao Paulo
Praça da República, 386, sala 22 - Centro
Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil
CEP 01045-000
+ 55 (11) 3362-8266

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